Your sales team are a talented bunch, unleash them with
Touch & Sell

I create my own application !

With Touch & Sell…


your sales team’s collateral and presentations


displaying the best content to your customers thanks to artificial intelligence


discussions and communication between the office and the field


your sales presentation documents simply and remotely


and analyse the performance of your sales collateral


Touch & Sell to your software applications


  • In Touch & Sell we found a responsive team that is always on hand—qualities that were vital for our digitization project. To sum Touch & Sell up in three words: flexibility, reliability, responsiveness.
    Stéphane Leonardi - Operations Manager Read the Canal+ Régie case study
  • Thanks to Touch & Sell, our sales personnel have every conceivable kind of sales collateral (PDF, videos, 3D files) literally at their fingertips and they can forward these in real time to their customers.
    Julia Crosnier - Communications Manager Read the Dhollandia case study
  • In the first place, our app is a premium showcase for what we offer that allows us to excite interest but then, and even more importantly, to really convince the people we are talking to. This new tool has definitely contributed to our excellent overall results for the first quarter of 2016.
    Arnaud Lagier - Digital Development Director Read the Lagardère case study
  • The real time information flowing back to the management allows us to increase our responsiveness and to adjust more quickly to what is going on in the field.
    Magali Frisé - Project manager for the senior management team Read the Universal Music case study

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